What we do

We are an online notary service that lets you prove that an action, event or idea occurred before or at a given date and time. This is known as trusted timestamping.

How it works

You record the action, event or idea in a document and then "notarize" it online or using our app. We will create a digest of your document and will send that digest to our servers. This digest is then recorded along with its date and time. Your document is never disclosed to us and we have no way of reconstructing it from the digest.

You then keep your document, and if you ever need to prove the time and date of the action, event or idea that it records you can pass on a copy of it to another person and they can verify the date it was notarized either online or by using our app.

Authentication re-creates the digest from the document and then sends that to our servers. If there's a matching entry from when the document was notarized, it will be authenticated, and the date and time of notarisation returned.

Why Notenda

There are several common ways that you can record the date and time of an action, event or idea. One approach is to create a log book and write down the date and times by hand. However this approach can be easily forged (you could write down the wrong dates for instance) so it is not inherently trustworthy.

Another way is to pass on the photo to somebody that you know and trust, a friend or family member. The problem with this approach is that that person is not an independent third party. They may appear to have conflicted interests to others when vouching for the date or time.

Yet another way is to publish your photo on the internet using a free service such as twitter, facebook, instagram or flickr. The problems with this approach are several. One problem is that it makes what your might want to be private, public. Another is that these sites often have terms of services that give them certain rights to your data, for example, they could use your photo in an advertising campaign.

Another problem is that these sites are not in the business of recording the exact date and times of events and they do not receive income for these services. This means that they may not take care to record the exact date or time, they may not always store the exact date or time, they may decide to remove or hide old photos or may charge you for accessing old photos in the future. You have not paid them for a service, so they can change their service or data retention policies at any time.

Notenda resolves all these issues. All data notarized with Notenda is private and is not disclosed to us or anybody else. We guarantee that notaries are stored for at least 6 months for free notaries, and at least 10 years for paid. Our business is in recording the date and times of events, so we will ensure that the dates and times are accurate and are properly kept. Since we do not store your data, we also do not need to pay for long-term, expensive data retention making it easy and affordable to provide long term authentication services.

Using the app

Using the app is simple.


To notarize a photo select Notarize, then Notarize New Photo to take a new photo and then notarize it in the app, or Notarize Existing Photo to notarize a photo that you've already taken.

To notarize text, select Notarize, then Notarize Text, then enter the text that you'd like to notarize. If you'd like to notarize text that appears elsewhere in your iPhone, such as from your email or from the web, then find the text on your iPhone, copy the text, then paste it into the Notary app's text window.

To notarize a screenshot, first take a photo of your current screen by pressing the physical "Sleep/Wake" button and the "Home" button on your iPhone at the same time. Then you can notarize the screenshot in the same way that you notarize an existing photo.

Free notaries will expire after 6 months, and paid notaries will expire after 10 years. You can extend free notaries by purchasing extensions, see below for details.

If you notarize text or a photo that has already been notarized, and that notary has not expired, then the original notary date and time will remain unchanged. If the notary has expired, it will be re-notarized, using the current date and time.

If you notarize text or a photo that has already been notarized, and that notary will expire within 6 months, and you have an unused purchased notary extension remaining, then the notary's expiry date will be automatically extended by 10 years.

A copy of the notarized document will be stored in the app's data directory which is accessible via iTunes. Only this copy of the image is guaranteed to pass authentication. This copy should not be modified. Instructions on how to access app data via iTunes is available here. Another way to access notarized documents is to mail them to yourself or someone else. You can mail notarized documents by selecting List Notaries, then selecting the notary that you'd like to mail, then selecting the share button at the top right of the screen, and then selecting Mail.


To authenticate an existing photo select Authenticate, then Authenticate Photo, then choose the photo that you'd like to authenticate. Note that copying photos to and from your iPhone's photo album can change the photo subtly causing them to fail authentication. The only safe way to copy notarized photos without altering them is to copy them via iTunes or mail them from within the app.

To authenticate text select Authenticate, then Authenticate Text, then enter the text exactly how it appeared when it was notarized. This includes spaces, capitalisation and punctuation. You might want to copy the text from elsewhere and paste it here to make sure it's exactly the same.

Purchasing extensions

You can extend an existing notary's expiry date by 10 years by selecting List Notaries, then selecting the notary that you'd like to have its expiry extended, then selecting the share button at the top right of the screen, and then choosing Extend Expiry.

If you have not already purchased notary extensions, you'll have the opportunity to purchase 1 or more before you extend the notary's expiry.

Or alternatively you can select Extensions, then purchase 1 or more expiry extensions, and then extend the expiry as discussed above, or you can re-notarize the notary.

Privacy policy

Your notarized documents are at no point sent to us or any other third parties. When notarizing and authenticating documents, a digest is sent instead. We have no way of reconstructing your document from this digest. No data about your photo is sent to us including its file name, its size or its Exif data. Your name, or any other identifying details are also not sent to us with the exception of your IP address which is sent out on all internet communication. IP addresses are logged for auditing and security purposes.


Thanks to icons8 for use of their thumbnail icons in the app.